Ai Soft is a software company equipped with qualified, knowledgeable, dedicated and hardworking human resource. Although Ai Soft was registered in January 2001 but has the market experience since 1996. Multidimensional tasks, which are preformed by various branches of the company, are of high standards and quality, as per international standards. At Ai Soft, not only we meet our customer’s requirements most effectively but also aim to have long lasting working relationship, as their business partners. Ai-Soft is a company with dedicated and committed computer professionals who have got a vast experience in the field of system analysis, designing, development and implementation of a variety of software in different fields. These projects are developed using different environments; latest in the international market. We strive to provide the best solutions to our clients using latest tools and technology, yet remain efficient and cost effective.Our objective is to meet or exceed client’s needs through timely delivery of quality products thereby increasing productivity and profitability. To achieve these goals we have adopted quality management approaches, which include we ll- defined management and software development processes and mechanisms for continuous improvement of our products and services. We also focus on the professional growth of our precious human resource. This helps, to keep the company abreast with innovations in technology



  1. Requirement Analysis and Project Planning
  2. Architecture and Design
  3. Software Quality Assurance
  4. Training
  5. Implementation
  6. Documentation
  7. Maintenance