Ai Soft has dedicated and committed computer professionals with vast experience in the field of system analysis, designing, development and implementation of a variety of software in different applications. These projects are developed using latest IT environmental trends in Pakistan – especially bench marking the International standards.

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Over the years account management proved itself as a backbone for any successful business. Financial management at functional level itself is a time consuming & resourceful activity. You have to keep the record of each transaction, payment, invoice, cash statement, asset & payables etc.Ai Accounting system lets you help in managing accounting information from manual entry system to a secured automated system, where it can be accessed for printing reports and entering transactions. Ai Accounting support multi-currency, multi-org and multi-projects.

You can easily update your accounts on a single interface. Payment record computer generated reports, cash & credit management, bank payment and overall accounting methodology of a company can be managed simultaneously. Now you have the freedom to work under the smooth environment where an automated system will perform these agitated and irritated activities for your convenience.

Accounting Management System gathers financial data from various functional departments and generates valuable financial reports such as Balance Sheet, Trial balance, General Ledgers, Quarterly Financial Reports, Account Statements, Gross Profit Analysis, Cost wise Analysis, Vouchers, profitability report, Asset and Depreciation Management, Tax Management, Project Management ABC Analysis and many more. For More Details …

2. Ai-ERP System

Ai.eRP software solutions can be implemented quickly to deliver fast and effective return on investment. The solution covers all your business processes, people, customers, suppliers and partners in a complete collaborative and proactive network. Ai.eRP Solution includes Accounting & Financial Management System, Human Resource Management System, Item Master, Store Management, Procurement / Logistics Management, Inventory Management (RM,PM,FG, In-Process & General inventory),  Costing System, Manufacturing / Production Management, Sales & Marketing, Configuration Management, Quality Control Management, MIS/Dashboard Reporting System, System Administration, Web App for Executives and SMS Gateway for Mobile incoming and outgoing SMS & Alerts etc.   For More Details..

3. Ai-HRM (Human Resource Management)

Human Resource System standalone and integrated with Payroll System and Time Management System versions are available. Human Resource Management (HRM) is the function within an organization that focuses on the recruitment of, management of, and providing direction for the people who work in an organization. Ai soft HRM Solution provide easy and user friendly solution to get these benefits in automated way. For More Details …

4. Ai-Payroll System

Ai-Payroll and HR System integrated with TMS is a complete solution not only helps you to record every transaction but it also allows you to make your system fool proof, easy and online information to different users at different levels. On the basis of transactions you can generate reports according to your needs. Multi user system allows you to set rights/permissions for the users.  

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5. Ai-TMS (Time Management System)

Ai-TMS (Time Management System) has very diversified applications and used for different purposes. Especially this product is used for attendance Management of different organizations such as universities, schools, offices, factories etc. After the implementation of this system, the user organization will be able to monitor and keep record of time-in/time-out of their employees/students, guests and other type of visitors etc. TMS is designed and developed by using advanced technology like proximity, biometrics systems. This system can be integrated with high security alert devices like surveillance systems, metal/walk through detectors etc. In short, it’s a very user friendly system integrated with advanced technologies. It’s a fool proof system which has the capability to increase the security levels as the requirements. Different type of analysis and reports are generated for the management.

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Complete Solution to maintain all Accounts & Inventory For Small Business Enterprises (Point of Sale) This Product is best for Traders, Service Providers, Wholesalers, Retailers, Chemists, mega marts, Electronics & Mobile shops etc. It has the capability to maintain stock at batch/ serial # level with life indicators to take timely measures for expiry/ warranty items. Our product named “SAMSys” is well known and best product in the market. Over 450 clients already using it.

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7. Ai-Inventory Management System

Ai Soft has developed a comprehensive Inventory Management software solution to accommodate all type of inventory management needs. It’s a complete inventory management solution, controlling inventory, tracking items, increasing warehouse productivity, reducing paper flow.

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8. Ai-Distribution Management System (DMS)

A complete solution for distributors to control their sales and maintaining complete visibility and track record of stock, salesman, clients and companies. Accounting System and inventory Management Systems are closely coupled in this system.
It is a most effective way to identify and track every from Purchase through product delivery with clients payment and salesman commissions record. All the items are tracked and monitored batch wise. Our distribution solution provide the most effective way to identify and track every single items to its complete life cycle from Generating Demand to Dispatch to customer in different areas and regions.
Implementing Ai Soft Distribution Software (SAMSys) gives extra power due its strong reporting system. Client wise, Area wise, Region wise, Salesman wise, product wise, company wise, Batch wise, Product group wise sales & stock reports with multiple criteria for a specific period analysis are available with accurate information. Profit & loss statement, client wise & salesman wise outstanding balances with aging analysis,  Sales tax reports, Overall stock statement for a specific period including opening balance, total purchase, sales, purchase returns, sales returns, expiry / breakages Qty & Bonus with value (Actual and TP) provide complete picture to user as well as to company…

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9. Ai-Education System Manager (ESM)

Ai Soft has designed a comprehensive ERP solution for the management of any college, School, institute or University. This solution is unique software for the entire operation and management. Ai Soft’s Education System Manager Software is user friendly system to manage and solves the most complex tasks in educational administration. It fulfills all the entire administrative and academic requirements. Education Manager’s Web-Portal provides information to parents, students and teachers at the same time which help all the stake holders in easy way. Education Manger’s responsive web pages are accessible from smart phone at any time. Strong Messaging System is the part of this solution. SMS Alerts and auto generated messaging system and online chat facility increase the usability of this system as well as facilitate the user by latest technology. Ai Soft Education System Manger provides real-time data to all stake holders of the system….

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10. Ai-Configuration Management Solution

Configuration management (CM) is a field of management that focuses on establishing and maintaining consistency of a system’s or product’s performance and its functional and physical attributes with its requirements, design, and operational information throughout its life.

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