Ai-TMS (Time Management System) has very diversified applications and used for different purposes. Especially this product is used for attendance Management of different organizations such as universities, schools, offices, factories etc. After the implementation of this system, the user organization will be able to monitor and keep record of time-in/time-out of their employees/students, guests and other type of visitors etc. TMS is designed and developed by using advanced technology like proximity, biometrics systems. This system can be integrated with high security alert devices like surveillance systems, metal/walk through detectors etc. In short, it’s a very user friendly system integrated with advanced technologies. It’s a fool proof system which has the capability to increase the security levels as the requirements. Different type of analysis and reports are generated for the management.
Ai-TMS can work with a single machine. It is recommended for each department or at least each block a TMS Machine (Proximity and bio-matrix Reader) should be installed. This Machine/Reader will be connected to the main TMS Server with TCP/IP protocol on LAN.

The scope of the system is well understood and comprehended by AI Soft. It has ample experience in the designing and implementation of software. The Configuration Management, Design, Development, Integration, Installation, Testing, and the Support expertise are available within AI Soft. The implementation of Attendance Management (TMS) is well in the capabilities of AI Soft.

tms diagram

  • Employee Auto Attendance
  • Daily Attendance Record
  • Monthly Serving Hours
  • Yearly Serving Hours
  • Auto Identification using Bio-Matrix System
  • Standard RFID Card Coding systems
  • Standard Bar Code /RFID Base Cards options