Over the years account management proved itself as a backbone for any successful business. Financial management at functional level itself is a time consuming & resourceful activity. You have to keep the record of each transaction, payment, invoice, cash statement, asset & payables etc. Ai Accounting system lets you help in managing accounting information from manual entry system to a secured automated system, where it can be accessed for printing reports and entering transactions. Ai Accounting support multi-currency, multi-org and multi-projects. You can easily update your accounts on a single interface. Payment record computer generated reports, cash & credit management, bank payment and overall accounting methodology of a company can be managed simultaneously. Now you have the freedom to work under the smooth environment where an automated system will perform these agitated and irritated activities for your convenience. Accounting Management System gathers financial data from various functional departments and generates valuable financial reports such as Balance Sheet, Trial balance, General Ledgers, Quarterly Financial Reports, Account Statements, Gross Profit Analysis, Cost wise Analysis, Vouchers, profitability report, Asset and Depreciation Management, Tax Management, Project Management ABC Analysis and many more.

Accounting System

Features include:

  • All types of Vouchers Creation
  • Updating and Posting
  • Vouchers Searching
  • Automated sales voucher creation on sales & returns through sales module
  • Automated purchase voucher creation on purchases & purchase returns through procurement module
  • Automated salary voucher creation through payroll module.
  • Automated fixed assets deprecation voucher creation through Fix-Assets module.
  • Accounts Receivables
  • Accounts Payables
  • Accounts Adjustments
  • Ledgers Management
  • Customers & Suppliers Management
  • Expense Managements
  • Banks Management
  • Cash Management
  • Accounts Reports (Vouchers, Ledgers, Daybook etc.)

Finance System

  • Chart of Accounts Management
  • Assets Depreciation and Registration
  • Financial Year Opening/Closing
  • Trial Balance
  • Balance Sheet
  • Income Statement
  • Profit and Loss
  • Outstanding Statements
  • Aging Reports & Analysis
  • SMS Alerts
  • Banks Statements
  • Inventory Cost, Expenses
  • Tax Management
  • Incomes Statements
* Integrated Budgeting & Project Management System

Budgeting System

Features include:

  • Budgeting Registration
  • Budgeting Allocation
  • Budgeting Monitoring
  • Budget Transferring

Project Management System

  • Features include:
  • Project Management
  • Project Creation
  • Project Assignments
  • Project Team Management
  • Project Tasks Assignments
  • Project Progress/ Status
  • Project Transactions
  • Project Expense Sheet
  • Project Assets

Fix-Assets Management System

  • Assets Registration
  • Assets Tagging System
  • Assets Depreciations
  • Straight-line Method
  • Declining-balance Method
  • Re-evaluation Method (Manual by committee)
  • Assets Movements

Integrated with SMS Gateway & Web Server

  • Real-time SMS Alerts
  • Bulk SMS
  • Executive Reports on Smart-phone