Ai. DMS for Distributors Business

A complete solution for distributors to control their sales and maintaining complete visibility and track record of stock, salesman, clients and companies. Accounting System and inventory Management Systems are closely coupled in this system.
It is a most effective way to identify and track every material/ Item from Purchase through Consumption /product delivery, and also most effective way to identify and track every single material/items to its complete life cycle from Generating Demand to Dispatch to customer.
Implementing an industry-compatible, this solution will not only meet the traceability requirements, but also seamlessly link all departments, resulting in streamlined operations, maximized productivity, and increased profitability. It helps you to oversee every area of your business without the necessity for separate software packages or expensive customization.
The advantage of this software for Small Industry, Whole sale market & Distributors that can effortlessly track lot properties while optimizing and improving other business processes like batch production, sales functions, inventory control, purchasing, quality assurance, accounting and financial, regulatory reporting etc.
It has been proved beyond doubt that implementation of Ai-SAMSys not only gives more transparency to your business process but also it allows your business to operate more efficiently, predictably and more profitably.

Ai Distbution1 SystemAi Distbution2 System
Ai soft Distributors Software fulfills the requirements of any small organization/ industry/ Business. It is generic enough to handle the requirements of almost every business especially sales/ trading & Distribution business. This will help the industry to manage its data easily by ruling out the use of traditional file keeping system. This system will comprise of sub-systems that will include Accounting System, Stock Management System, Sales, Purchase System, Batch/lot management, Expenses module and Admin Panel System. All these systems are interconnected to ensure the availability of accurate data at any time.