Ai Soft’s RFID technology can provide independent, non-stop systems for security, parking, and access control. Our RFID technology provides businesses and communities with hands-free control to ensure only authorized vehicles have entry.The system can also provide access data for administering.


Ai Soft TMS & VMS are RFID Based Solutions. Ai TMS (Time Management System) integrated with HRM and Payroll system working with and without ERP successfully. Click here for Details of TMS

Ai VMS (Vehicle Management System)

Vehicle management in any organization plays a supportive role in driving a business forward while maintaining an organized road map of success.RFID Diagram In most cases it is difficult for organization s to manage entire hierarchy that includes demand form, Petrol slip, entry register, maintenance schedule card, signing authority, driver information & day book etc. Manual entry systRFID ProcessFlowem(Coupon book, Vouchers, Demand note)ended into higher budgeting cost & time consumption. Several departments work work collectively in order to maintain an established network to control & monitor organizational transportation system. In addition corruption & fradulation in manual system worked as a catalyst, to aid into business processes fragmentation.

Ai VMS is an integrated tool that facilitate organization to develop an effective mechanism for vehicular movement control. The philosophy behind VMS is s provision of systematic arrangement for vehicle management & maintenance system. Reporting, tracking, upcoming expenditures and budgeting is no more a troublesome job. It is designed to integrate information from vehicle registration number up to its working schedule, allocation, time management, user data and usability. In addition it also covers the over all information of service vendors, prevent corruptions. Due to the step by step reporting at each level, budgeting maintenance and record keeping looks so easy. It has a tremendous capability of a complete track record of each entry against a single entity. Maintenance, refilling, oil & petrol consumption is no mare a hectic job(based on perceptions). Now there is strong network of check & balance for vehicle management that proves efficiency in work & budget estimation.


  1. Functional Monitoring.RFID system Diagram
  2. An Automated Reporting System.
  3. Reliable Source of Information.
  4. User Information & History.
  5. Vehicle Safety & Control.
  6. Helps in Planning, Controlling
  7. Prevent Corruption.
  8. Facility in Maintaining an Organized System:
  9. Vehicle Tracking
  10. Vehicle Identification
  11. Maintenance
  12. Usability
  13. Log Book Management
  14. Time-line Management